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Kansas City Website Design

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Apple Marketing has been providing professional website design and development services for Kansas City since 2007. In those years, we have learned that every single business we work with is different and they all have different reasons for needing a website. Some of our clients are simply looking for a standard brochure style website that will provide visitors with more information about their company, their services and how to make contact.

Others are looking to have a website developed that provides a more intuitive infrastructure that will better help facilitate day-to-day company business. To see case studies and website design examples showcasing some of these additional functionalities, please visit our portfolio.

One of the best and most rewarding parts of being in the website design and development business is helping clients “work through” their unique and specific needs and translating those needs into the “perfect” online platform that will help them to achieve their successes. Apple Marketing clients also love the fact that we speak to them about online technology in a way that they can understand. It is very important that our clients understand what we do but in a way that makes sense to them.

A successful web site is aesthetically attractive, easy to navigate, and will incite users to take the next step with you. All of Apple Marketing’s websites are responsive. Responsive websites look great on both standard laptops and desktop computers, as well as on smart phones and other devises such as iPads. Read more about “Responsive Website Design” here. Apple Marketing will provide you with a custom, state-of-the-art website and provide you the knowledge and tools to manage it.

What makes Apple Marketing different?

There are 4 types of  Website Design Companies.

Front End Website Design Company
The main talent has a predominantly “design” background. If they are good, they are skilled in html, css and some JQuery or Javascript. The problem with a company of this nature is that they are limited as to what they can do as far as advanced functionality.

Back End Website Design Company
The main talent has a predominantly “technical” background. They are skilled in advanced php, asp, jquery, javascript, and more. The problem with a company of this nature is that they are not designers and many sites built by someone of this background is that the final website does not have a professional look and feel.

Front / Back-End Website Design Company
Apple Marketing is of this type of company. On staff, full time, is a professional designer AND developer. This combination offers both an aesthetically pleasing front in and an advanced functioning back-end. Additionally, we offer all of the other benefits of a full time marketing company as we offer all facets of print design.

Traditional Marketing Company
About 1/4 of our business comes from Traditional Marketing Companies. These companies will hire us to build websites for their client. The client receives our work but at a higher cost.

Affordable Website Design & Development Services in Kansas City

Approximately 75% of all of our clients will always question our pricing. We will hear “We have talked to other Website Design companies here in Kansas City that are quoting a cost that is nearly twice the amount you are quoting. Why are you so much cheaper?”

The number one, main reason our Website Design quotes are lower is simply  because we can. Most of the graphic designers, website designers and  developers were at one time professionally employed by one of those “other” BIG Kansas City Website Design or marketing companies doing the EXACT same thing we are doing now. We are a smaller company with STUNNING skills. We don’t pay a lot in overhead and most of our new clients come from referrals. This is how we can afford to provide the same (many times  better) standard and quality of work as our BIGGER competitors!

Kansas City Website Design & Development Specialists

Apple Marketing has an amazingly talented Kansas City web design and development team of over-achievers. The only thing that we believe could top THAT would be having an arsenal of the latest and greatest technological resources, a nearly obsessive company work ethic AND desire to be the best in the industry.

Who might that be? You guessed it. Us. We take extreme pride in each and every project we do and promise to give our clients a final product that gets ridiculous results.

In the greater Kansas City area or Johnson County? Call 913 839-3066, e-mail, or stop by our offices to discuss your website design and development needs!

We are conveniently located in Olathe, KS at I35 and Santa Fe. 2001 E. Prairie Circle, Suite 3, Olathe KS 66062.