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kansas-city-business-card-design-graphic-designersWebsites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter make it easy to connect with the outside world, however – in the REAL WORLD (face-to-face) people expect a business card.

When you hand someone your business card, you have created an indelible memory. The next time that connection is in need of a service or product that you provide, they will remember the connection and look for your card. At that point, they will either call or email you directly or find you on their favorite social media site. Either way, you have become their “contact.”

What does a business card say about you?

ashcardIn order for the business card to do its job, it must be unique, professional, attractive and memorable. Your business card is a direct reflection of who you are and what you do. If it is fun and playful, that is what is remembered. Make sure that your company is fun and playful if that is the theme of your business card. If your card is poorly executed, that business card might be tossed in the trash. Business people receive hundreds of business cards a year. 

Anther thing to think about when deciding who will be designing and ultimately printing your business card is the quality of the printing. If you decide to take the cheap and easy route, well – that might be how your potential customer see’s you and your company. That is NOT the impression you want to make with your business card. Good paper quality and colors can ultimately entice the receiver to either throw it away or stick it in their wallet or purse.

We design high-quality, memorable business cards.

If you are in need of a unique, professional, attractive and memorable business card, don’t hesitate to contact Apple Marketing. Our designs are affordable and our print quality is exemplary.

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