Catalog, Magazine, Booklet Design

The tangible truth about Catalogs, Magazines and Booklet Design

Catalog DesignRemember how exciting it was when the Dillard’s or Sear’s holiday catalog was mailed around Thanksgiving time? It was thicker than a phone book and quite a task to carry around but, within its pages were pure magic. Younger siblings would fight over which one could circle the toys they wanted in the very back of the catalog, while big sister would drool over all of the new clothing that was available for the winter season.

Although catalogs are not as prevalent as they were back then, they still have their place in today’s marketplace. One of the best examples would be industry specific catalogs magazines. In an office setting, thousands of  letters are sent each day. Catalogs from a shipment company are always useful for this situation. If you are the mailing company and you send out your mailing catalog, more often than not, the company doing the mailing will reference that catalog on a daily basis. Instead of having to hit the internet searching for packaging materials, all they have to do is reach for the shipment materials catalog and order the materials they need. You discreetly become their resource due to convenience.

In the graphic design industry, there is an industry specific magazine called GDUSA.

“Since 1963 Graphic Design USA has been the news magazine for graphic designers and other creative professionals.” ~ from their website.

There still hasn’t been a day that someone around the office doesn’t reference this magazine for either inspiration, direction or industry news. We even make it available for our clients to read while in the waiting room! Our clients might not have come to visit us about a new business card design but are now interested because they read an article about, “What makes the perfect business card.”

Apple Marketing offers a complete design to production catalog, magazine and booklet services for clients in the greater Kansas City area or just outside our doorstep in Olathe, KS.  We have been designing print materials since 1995. We have the experience, expertise, staff and passion to take a catalog project from start to finish, no matter the size of the project. We offer everything that is required in order to create a fully integrated print piece, including: designing and  planning, creative  direction,  photography,  e-commerce integration, and printing and mailing services.

Our complete catalog, magazine, booklet in-house services and capabilities:

  • Concept & Art Direction
  • Design & Layout
  • Database Integration
  • Professional Photography
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Copy Writing & Content Development
  • Prepress
  • Printing & Production
  • Mailing & Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Tracking & Analysis

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