Graphic Design Services


Kansas City Graphic Design Services

Graphic design can come in many forms, the same goes for graphic designers. The designers at Apple Marketing are not beginners. Having the natural ability to create and be creative is just one of the qualifications we consider when inviting a graphic designer to join our marketing team.

A beautiful design can be moving but if that design isn’t moving your product or service, who cares. This is where talent and experience meet to deliver striking, unique and effective design.

Our Graphic Design services include:

Custom Logo Design

The first step to creating your company identity is with a unique and memorable logo. The next step is to spread it around!

A good logo is recognizable, unforgettable, practical and versatile. Incorporating all of that necessary criteria isn’t easy. Many designers will say that logos can be the hardest design to deliver, others believe it is the most rewarding because of this challenge.

Apple Marketing prides itself on having that caliber of designers on it’s team.

Read more about our  logo design services, see logo design examples in our graphic design portfolio, or contact us for a free consultation!

Business Card Design

Show your company pride and pump up the networking with an ultra-sharp business card. For some companies, a simple business card design with business name, address and contact information is all you need. If you are looking for something a bit more edgy, might we suggest a bi-fold card or die-cut (irregular shaped) card, maybe a business card that resembles a lottery ticket!

Next, get noticed and create an impression with branded stationary. A custom letterhead and envelope not only shows who you are and how to contact you, but is yet another reminder that you are open for business.

Brochure Design Services

Brochures are an easy and effective way to give a client a brief overview of your companies product offerings or services. We can create your custom brochure to match any other existing marketing material or we can start from scratch. With our low flat rate pricing, you will know exactly how much your project will cost.

  • Sales Support Brochures
  • Point-of-Sale Brochures
  • Leave-Behind Brochures
  • Company Overview Brochures
  • Direct Mailing Brochures
  • Survey Brochures
  • Fund Raising Brochures

Postcard & Door Hanger Design Services

Postcards are a fantastic and affordable way to deliver a message to your target market. Simply, you are expanding your customer base and increasing your chance for profit. Postcards can be used for direct marketing in a number of ways.

  • Now Open For Business
  • Check Out Our New Website
  • New Product Introduction
  • Grand Opening Sale
  • Monthly Coupons and Promotions

Stationary & Envelope Design

The first step to creating your company identity is with a unique and memorable Logo Design. The next step is to spread it around! Get noticed and create an impression with Branded Stationary. A custom Letterhead and Envelope not only shows who you are but is yet another reminder that you are open for business!

  • Custom Envelope Design
  • Custom Letterhead Design
  • Branded Return Labels
  • Branded Return Postcard for Customer Reply
  • Branded Survey Postcards

Catalog, Magazine and Booklet Design

Catalogs are a great way to showcase products, vacation packages, community programs and events or whatever else your company either sells online or in your place of business. Apple Marketing will custom design your catalog to match your companies unique look.

  • Mail Order Catalogs
  • Promotional and Coupon Catalogs
  • Seasonal Catalogs
  • Product Catalogs
  • Online Catalogs
  • Catalog Mailers

Promotional Materials

Promotional materials can come in a variety of forms and can be used in multiple ways. Some of the most popular promotional materials would be customized pens, magnets, environmentally friendly shopping totes or bags, t-shirts, keychains, mugs or even USB drives. Promotional materials traditionally display a companies logo and contact information.

Some of the most common places you might see some unique promotional pieces are conferences, workshops and tradeshows. Business cards are a great way to provide a potential client your contact information but bigger venues where your competition for attention is increased, promotional materials can leave a lasting impression.

  • Customized Pens
  • Magnets
  • Green Shopping Bags / Totes
  • T-Shirts
  • Key Chains
  • Thermal Mugs
  • USB Drives