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Example Vintage Brochure Design

Brochures have been around since the mid-twentieth century. The first document brochure was designed for Electronic Control Co., one of the very first computer companies. It was made sometime around late 1946 or early 1947. You can take a look at an example of another early brochure design on the right. It was made for an exclusive Dude Ranch back in 1948. The information below was borrowed from their website. The Dude Ranch still exists today! Visit their website.

“The Diamond Belle Ranch is located high in the rolling hills of Okanogan County, Washington.  It lies in the heart of the cattle country, twenty-six miles east of Tonasket, the state’s chief beef shipping town. Enjoy sunny days and cool nights at 4300 feet elevation. The center of activity is the Lodge in which are located the dining room and lounge.  Evenings around the huge stone fireplace are never-to-be-forgotten memories.  Cards and dancing for those who prefer them…” – Excerpt from the brochure.

As you can see, brochures have proven themselves to be a viable form of marketing for nearly 50 years!

What are the different types of brochures?

alliedprintThe Tri-Fold Brochure

Brochures can come in many different styles. One of the most notable styles of brochure is the tri-fold brochure. Tri-fold brochures look just as they sound. They are folded equaly on the right and left – and then fold inward to create the “tri-fold.” Tri-fold brochures are great for introducing a new comer to your business or company. It can showcase images of the location, products, team members, ect.

The Bi-Fold Brochure

Saint Lukes Hospital Brochure Design Kansas CItyBi-fold brochures are made out from one or more sheets of paper that is folded once, in two halves. Bi-fold brochures are most commonly folded vertically to the long side of the paper it will be printed on.

Sometimes you will see them folded vertically to the shorter side. Either way, bi-folds are a great and affordable way to disseminate information.

Some great examples of bi-fold brochure usage are: Menus, Events, and Fundraisers.

The Z-Fold Brochure

The Z-Fold brochure is very similar to the tri-fold brochure. The only difference is in the way it is folded. A Z-Fold looks like the letter Z when looked at from the side.

How much does it cost for brochure design?

Depending on the style, intricacy and revisions or if the design requires a dye-cut, the prices can go up from the base price listed below. Please call for more details on our pricing structure. Printing cost is NOT included in the below pricing.