Kansas City Web Design Process

Discovery Phase

Once Apple Marketing is rewarded a project; we set up a meeting by either phone or in person. In this meeting, we discuss the scope of the project in greater detail. We go over any elements that you already have or will need. During this phase, we will create “check-lists” of the items you will need to provide to us.


Custom Web Template / Web Theme Design Phase

After we have gathered all of the information we need during the Discovery Phase, we are ready to implement this information into the Design Phase. For the Design Phase, we will design a custom web template for you to review. Each custom web design comes with multiple versions for the varying screen sizes that are used by consumers, such as: mobile devises, desktop computers, laptop computers, and tablets. This is called responsive web design.

The template will be the main theme that is used throughout the website. Some of the pages will be different depending upon their function, but the main template is what will be present throughout the entire web site.


Web Development Phase

The web developmental stage is when the web site itself is created. During this time, we will make your in-progress web site available to you for viewing in a development environment, so that you can preview the entire development phase. This makes is super convenient for our clients that do not live in the Kansas City area to keep up with the progress.

At this time, we will take all of the individual graphic elements from the design prototype and use them to create the actual, functional site. This is typically done by first developing the template for the home page. This template will serve as the base template for the web content pages of your website, as it contains the main navigational structure for the web site. Once the custom template has been created, we will take your content and enter it into the website pages.

Elements such as interactive contact forms, product slideshows or ad spaces are implemented and made functional during this phase.


Website Testing Phase

During the website testing phase, we will attend to the final details of your web site. We will test things such as the functionality of forms or other scripts, browser and devise compatibility issues (responsive website testing), ensuring that your web site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions.


Website Training Phase

Apple Marketing offers website training for every website completed. If you live in the Kansas City area, we can either come to your office, or you can come to our office located in Olathe, KS for training.

Our website training includes:

  • Adding, Removing, Editing Pages
  • How to use the Administrative interface
  • Adding Images to your Pages / Posts
  • How to manage your plug-ins
We have over 20 years of consultancy experience in this area of corporate business