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Google REQUIRES quality web content.

The world wide web landscape has grown from 35,863,952 websites in 2003 to a staggering 700 million sites logged in 2012. In order for Google & the other search engines to continue providing good, quality search engine results for their customers, they have implemented some very aggressive guidelines for website owners in order to achieve a high ranking. GOOD CONTENT is one of those guidelines. Websites that offer their visitors either false, irrelevant, deceptive or poor quality content are being pushed further down the virtual “rabbit hole.” Website that provide content that is well written, useful and relevant are acquiring the more coveted top ranking positions in the search results.

Apple Marketing not only provides it’s clients with stimulating and compelling content but also delivers content that the search engines consider good and appropriate. After all, Google is a business and providing good search results is their main objective.

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Apple Marketing has an amazingly talented Kansas City web design and development team of over-achievers. The only thing that we believe could top THAT would be having an arsenal of the latest and greatest technological resources, a nearly obsessive company work ethic AND desire to be the best in the industry.

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